Budget Overview

While beginning work on in depth projects the use of detailed components lists and budgets are critical. In Energy Systems students will be using these tools to help in their project development.

A component list gives a detailed synopsis of all for equipment considered for a design. Creating a detailed components list is the most important part of your decision making process. While compiling this list you want to take into consideration ALL variables that might affect its performance. You want to include at a minimum: description, mass, dimensions, voltage, power consumption in all operating modes, interfacing options, operating temperatures, sensitivity, accuracy, sampling rate, cost, quantity, priority, distributors, etc. Each list of components needs to be separated into categories based on it’s specifications. Every subsystem will be producing multiple lists and will highlight components for consideration based on priority.

Budgets are tools used by engineers to track various technical parameters and compare them against their required values. Fundamentally budgets answer the question “Do I have enough of a given resource to complete the mission?” Budgets apply to all portions of the vehicle and throughout all phases of the design.

Component List - Budget Template

Please follow the format of this spreadsheet. Remember, each "category" of components is going to require a separate components list. Make sure you take into consideration ALL of the variables that might affect your decision process.

The top cell contains a pop-up overview of the directions for the spreadsheet.

Component List - Budget Template.xls

Space Elevator Budget Worksheet

Component List-Budgets-SpaceElevator.doc

Autonomous Vehicle Budget Worksheet

Component List-Budgets-Auto.doc

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